Services – Conecar. Nutrición Animal

For each client, a customized solution.


We have a team of professionals who provide technical advice in the field. In response to the needs of each production system, we carry out a balance of diets and formulations tailored to each need. We act as consultants through recommendations on feed, infrastructure and management of the different productions.


With the application of technology we achieve greater visibility of the supply chain to optimize the use of resources and work, improve the inventory and precision of shipments, always deliver perfect orders, and give a faster answer to customer opportunities and market fluctuations.
In CONECAR we take the concept of “perfect order” as an indicator of the commitment of the organization with a logistics of zero defects. The delivery of perfect orders is the definitive measure of the quality of our logistics operations.


CONECAR provides the service of analysis of feed, by-products, fodder, hay, silage, water, etc, in order to ensure the best quality in the diets that are given to animals.


In addition to providing quality products, we understand the importance of knowing how to handle each system in the best possible way to maximize production. That is why our technical department conducts trainings aimed to get a better performance from the staff of the establishments that handles the animals.
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