Company – Conecar. Nutrición Animal

35 years formulating innovations.

Feed formulated conscientiously and elaborated with advanced technologies and processes.

We are part of a business group that manages one of the most important feedlots in South America. Feeding 10,000 heads on daily basis generates an intense synergy of knowledge and experience that allows us to optimize the nutritional effectiveness of each formulation under solid foundations. Based on this knowledge and with first level raw materials, we develop our production in 2 industrial plants, equipped with automated technology and operated under a rigorous quality control system, that manages all the processes of preparation and packaging.
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In our plants we produce pelleted balanced feeds, protein concentrates and vitamin / mineral premixes, with a productive capacity of 20,000 tn / month.

Nutritional programs and personalized advice to nourish our client’s business.

35 years of experience in this field, studying and understanding both the nutritional needs of animals and the basis of our client’s profitability.
Therefore, all our products are integrated into Nutritional Programs, which include tailored advising for your company.
From CONECID, our Research and Development Center, we enhance the virtues of each feed with a personalized balance of diets and formulations and we are in a position to provide comprehensive recommendations on infrastructure, management and training for staff.

Human capital in constant training.

Every day the members of CONECAR work committed to the goal of providing an excellent support, the best products and a good service for users. We value the ability and responsibility of each of us who are part of this team.
In Conecar we work with the objective of having a permanent improvement in each of the areas that are part of this team.
We implement a continuous training system to allow the development of each member of the company. We promote a good work environment and internal communication.
The different Managements function as independent SMEs, which allows the personal and joint development of the organization.
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