R&D for sustainable production.

Responding to the worldwide growing demand for protein implies the commitment to accompany the increase of animal production with biological efficiency and environmental sustainability. In CONECID we bring together science and experience in the field to provide innovative solutions.


CONECID is the Center for Research and Development of CONECAR, created from the initiative of its President and CEO, Roberto Guercetti, in 2005, as part of a management plan of the company where the concept of Continuous Growth predominate. CONECID is oriented to research and develop subjects of public interest in livestock production.

Work Fields

The modules with which CONECID works are five.

Operability and investment

The investment that CONECAR makes annually corresponds to routine measurements and developments. New projects, own or from third parties, increase investments considerably. The strategic link with public and private institutions, allow the sustenance of the activity. That is why, in addition to the internal objectives, the professional team makes external links, either in the public or private sector, forming interdisciplinary teams with producers, institutions, universities around the world.
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